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Three years have passed since Ike, the heir of Greil's Mercenaries, led the Crimean army to defeat Daein's King, Ashnard. Both Daein and Crimea are still trying to get back up and running after that war, and it's not easy for them, especially for Daein. Daein is now ruled by the Begnion Garrison after Crimea came over and asserted themselves to power in the defeated country, and now the residents are oppressed by the imperial soldiers. A group of thieves fought back against the oppression and ended up in an attempt to free Daein and bring back power to the royal family. Little do they know, the efforts of the "Dawn Group" are the beginning of a much larger conflict.


  • Enchanced graphics, new but with the same, classic Fire Emblem edge.
  • New, fun controls that bring out the Wii Remote's full potential.
  • A load of new characters, as well as the return of the legends.
  • Many new weapons to choose from.
  • Brand new maps with even more terrain types to take advantage of.

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THIS IS MY FAVORITE GAME THAT I OWN! Well, one of my favorites. I have three that are all at the top. FireEmblemRadiantDawn Wii
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Continues on with the story of Fire Emblem Path Of Radiance. Good game although not a as pleasing as Path Of Radiance FireEmblemRadiantDawn Wii
Mar 19, 10 1:42am
This game is awesome. FireEmblemRadiantDawn Wii
Mar 11, 10 2:04pm

In all, this game suceeded in making a wonderful attachment to Fire Emblem: Radiant...

Jan 08, 10 10:44am
Want it for Ike. FireEmblemRadiantDawn Wii
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Almost Completed FireEmblemRadiantDawn Wii
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An avergae game, not all that great, but good enough. 7/10 FireEmblemRadiantDawn Wii
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My Score: B- FireEmblemRadiantDawn Wii
Apr 03, 09 1:19am
Another sad case of me getting distracted. FireEmblemRadiantDawn Wii
Mar 29, 09 11:02am
ky ky28
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love it FireEmblemRadiantDawn Wii
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Great just like the other fire emblems FireEmblemRadiantDawn Wii
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