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You are an adventurer who has just returned to his hometown, the Elf town of Eolis, at the base of the World Tree. You find the village in peril: The Elven water supply has dried up, monsters are causing chaos and the once-proud Tree is slowly wilting. Equipped with the last of the King's money and the trust of the people, you set out to climb the World Tree, braving obstacles, fiends and dangers to discover the source of this corruption. Wield weapons and magic, get hints from townsfolk and experience a world of new environments as you ascend to the top of the world.

Originally released on NES in August 1989

Wii Points Cost

North America: 500 Points
Japan: 500 Points
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Loto Drandel
Jan 14, 12 11:28am
one of my favorites from the OLD SCHOOL systems, this game is still fun to play, the graphics are like today's, but this game still rocks Faxanadu Wii
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