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Created by Tecmo and Grasshopper (Suda 51), Fatal Frame IV is the fourth installment in one of the most popular survival-horror series.

Ten years ago, five girls were abducted and held hostage at a supposedly haunted mansion on Rougetsu Island. Detective Choushiro Kirishima stumbled upon the girls while investigating a string of murders that had happened on the island, and rescued them. Mysteriously, none of the girls could remember the events of their kidnapping.

Years after the incident, two of the girls (Marie Shinomiya and Tomoe Nanamura) were found dead in their homes with terrified expressions on their faces. The reason for their deaths were unknown.

The three girls who survived (Ruka, Misaki and Madoka) set out to Rougetsu Island in an attempt to unravel the mystery of their friend's deaths and remember what happened on the night of their kidnapping.

Choushirou Kirishima, who had since retired as a detective, also headed off to the island to retrieve the girls before anything terrible happened to them again, though what he finds there will haunt him forever ...

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