Excite Truck Own / Want List

Username Comments
Chekkaa Fairly simple but great game, with good use of Wii controls. Too short though, it needs more levels. I await a sequel.
yugiRULER Great racing game and one of the few I actually played till the end.
VeGiTAX2 None
CarRamrod None
Mystic None
Aranu None
silver_tidus CDN
Fallen Master None
halomaniac fun racing game that takes full controll of the wiimote
Mattyo94 Sweet... Awsome... THE BEST GAME
wbsonic None
kirbysamus None
lary bob joe None
BZF Awsome!!!!
lilslugger None
Menkoy None
kumozero None
tjprettyman It's Radical! To the max!
razda None
Spiritlink49 None
nickm717 None
R1DDL3S None
fartbarker None
PPoskitt Amazing Racing game for the Wii
spo0n None
Renkyu None
Dead_Homeboy None
ArmouredNinja None
SirBiznatchII Technically ive borrowed this, but ive had it for ages, and 100%ed it
youthboy 4/5
Nagare None
Marioman93 None
D24 None
Cary V None
Rebellious Treecko None
22312065 None
shizen1 None
SuperSonicBeatles25 None
Lordofthedead101 None
YOSHI4484 None
Darkhyperchaos None
MasterJediNiGHTS25 None
invisible None
gamegirl30 None