Giving you the experience of a pikmin like game, these little creatures have infiltrated homes all over the world and it's your job to get them all homes safety. The game is time, so hurry up so you can beat the clock. To find the elebits you must zap objects with your laser and toss them to where ever you want to find the tiny mice sized aliens.


  • A "revolutionary" new twist on hide and go seek
  • Full interactivity with any object in the environment
  • Hundreds of Elebits to search for and find
  • Gain additional abilities as you capture more Elebits

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It's been a while since I played Elebits, released by Konami in 2006. I was quite young back then...

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I just love this game! It's got good graphics, and it's fun and awesome. Elebits Wii
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