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Diner Dash follows the story of Flo, a stockbroker who one day decides to quit her high pressure job to follow her dreams and start her own restaurant. Of course, managing your own restaurant is no cake walk, which is where you come in! The classic pick-up-and-play gameplay seamlessly makes the transition to consoles thanks to an innovative control scheme that lets you either control Flo directly, or use a point and click style, complete with hotkeys; it's your choice!


Gameplay revolves around keeping a steady flow of incoming customers happy with their service by overseeing their entire stay. Decide where they should sit, get their orders to the cook, and serve their food piping hot before they start to lose patience! You'll have a continual flow of customers throughout the day, so make sure you clear off the tables of any cash before you sit your next group of patrons at a table. By keeping a sharp eye on everyone's needs, you'll be able to earn money to turn a profit and make additions to your existing restaurant, or buy a whole new one!

In addition to the single player gameplay, Diner Dash features a host of multiplayer options that will have you and your friends hooked! Set up a local co-op game to take on the Endless Shift mode and push the high score to its limits. If you're feeling a bit more competitive, hop online to get up to 8 players in on the fun! Play across four different diners in new Team Dash and Head to Head modes and try to keep a cool head in the diner to gain the upperhand.

Wii Points Cost

North America: 1000 Points
Europe: 1000 Points
Japan: 1000 Points
Australia: 1000 Points

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3.2 DinerDash DS
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I got this game for my birthday and I love it! DinerDash DS
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time to multitask! nice game if its ur kind of game.. (: DinerDash DS
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