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Diabolik: The Original Sin" is a third person adventure game blending the heritage of the point-and-click genre with fast-paced combat and stealth sequences. Its engrossing story casts the player as a master thief called Diabolik, out to rescue his beloved Eva, in a fascinating world mixing 3D real-time graphics and 2D black & white comic-style animations.

The main character, Diabolik, is an anti-hero, a skilled thief and a master of disguise who loves luxury, expensive cars and hi-tech gadgets. He can be merciless and he has no concern for anyone but himself and his one true love, Eva.


  • Oneof the most fascinating anti-heroes of the comics history is now protagonist of this adventure;
  • 2 gameplay modes: Classic & Action-Adventure
  • Highy detailed environments;
  • Comics style cut-scenes;
  • Highly advanced gadgets, based on the 70's culture;
  • 30 characters to interact with (3 of them are playable);
  • Diabolik: The Original Sin is completely a 3D real-time new generation game with a comics-picturesque style and comics sections;
  • Mini-games & QTEs in the Action-Adventure game mode;
  • Over 15 hours of gameplay and re-playable missions;
  • Catchy soundtrack 70's style;
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