Cooking Mama: Cook Off Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.4/10

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Cooking Mama: Cook Off Reviews

website score publish date
GameDaily 6/10 Apr 02 '07
GameLemon 7.3/10 Sep 18 '07
Gamespot 5.5/10 Mar 23 '07
Gamespy 3/5 Mar 28 '07
IGN Wii 5.8/10 Mar 20 '07
Nintendo World Report 4.5/10 Jun 24 '07
Nintendojo 9.5 / 10 Jul 09 '07
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Cooking Mama: Cook Off Previews

website publish date
IGN Wii Mar 15 '07
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Gamespot on Mar 26 '07

"Though Cook Off is a lot like Cooking Mama on the DS, something significant has been lost in the translation to the Wii."

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IGN Wii on Mar 16 '07

"That isn't to say players should write this one off, as there's still a ton of content for us to explore (two-player mode will have to wait for another day), and dozens and dozens of recipes for us..."

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IGN Wii on Mar 21 '07

"When it comes to captivating casual gamers, control needs to be simple and intuitive, and the Cooking Mama franchise needs to evolve to do that. We could rant all day about what technically works..."

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