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When an experiment goes wrong in a local fair, Chrono, a brave and daring youth, must venture through time with the aid of the brilliant young scientist Lucca, to try and rescue a young girl, Marle, from the dangers of time. As Chrono and company pursue their quest through time and space, they soon realize that their adventure will shape the future of the entire planet, as they are faced with an inevitable confrontation with a the demonic force known as Lavos, that destroys the world and most of its inhabitants almost a millenia after the original party's time. As the group travels through time to the past, present and future, they will encounter various foes; such as the dark mage Magus, who leads a dreadful army against the human race in the past and allies, such as the noble Frog; a brave prince that was transformed into a frog after a fateful confrontation with Magus. Join Chrono and his friends as they explore through time itself as they attempt to prevent the inevitable downfall of mankind itself.

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Japan: 900 Points
Somehow I lost this gem. And it's the only game I truly forgot losing. T.T ChronoTrigger DS

One of the all-time greatest RPGs Chrono Trigger is now available to play on Android, following launches on Super... posted Oct 29, 12 7:42am

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Robo just joined my party. This is my first time playing through the game. ChronoTrigger Wii
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The marriage of Square and Enix, if you really think about it. ChronoTrigger Wii

At long last, Square's beloved RPG Chrono Trigger makes its way to the Virtual Console today.  If you're somehow... posted May 16, 11 9:32am

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