Castlevania Judgment Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 5.1/10

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Castlevania Judgment Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Aeropause 4/5 Dec 29 '08
Cinema Blend 3.5/5 Dec 19 '08
Crispy Gamer  --- Dec 02 '08
GameDaily 3/10 Dec 07 '08
Gamer 2.0 4.9/10 Jan 04 '09 D Jan 16 '09
Gamespy 1.5/5 Nov 26 '08
GameZone 6.0/10 Dec 19 '08 6/10 Jan 14 '09
IGN Wii 7.5/10 Nov 18 '08
Kombo PSP 4/10 Dec 29 '08
X-Play 1/5 Nov 21 '08
Destructoid 6.5/10 Dec 03 '08
Gamespy 1.5/5 Nov 26 '08
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Castlevania Judgment Previews

website publish date article rating
1UP Jul 15 '08
CheatCC Jul 29 '08
Games Radar Sep 02 '08 Aug 06 '08
Gamespy Jul 15 '08
GameZone Jul 16 '08
Gaming-Age Jul 17 '08
IGN Wii Nov 04 '08
IGN Wii Jul 11 '08
Worthplaying Jul 23 '08
Kombo Wii Oct 09 '08
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Aeropause on

"I remember getting the advice years ago regarding Metroid Prime Pinball that if you’re a fan of Metroid Prime, and you’re a fan of pinball, you’ll love the game. That was completely accurate for..."

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Destructoid on

" When I first got word that Konami was working on a Castlevania fighting game for the Wii, I was pretty sure it was going to suck. Then, when I was lucky enough to play the game at E3 08, I ..."

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GameZone on

"We don't mind a Castlevania fighting game when it's done right but Judgment just isn't able to pull it off well thanks to a number of problems that make this a unimpressive fighting game. All is..."

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"Castlevania Judgment is one of the prettiest offerings available on Wii, but that beauty is a skin deep button masher of a game. "

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IGN Wii on

"In the list of games I'm dying to play in the Castlevania series, a 3D fighter was about as far from the top as possible, but Judgment was a pleasant surprise. The combat is deep and entertaining,..."

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