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The country of Alcaland had its peace disturbed by a series of disappearances and comatose persons. Such incidents caught the attention of the Princess Maako, which in turn caught the attention of the general populace. However, the princess was at a loss as to what to do, so turned to Japan for assistance.

While many in Japan would rather not aid Alcaland, considering it a waste of time andresources, there was a small group that would not forget the aid Alcaland lent to them in the past. Therefore they used their resources and influence to convince the Board of Divine Spirit to take action.

Eventually there was success and Japan was able to send psychics to Alcaland, therefore being able to assist their ally. Now it is up to those psychics to solve the mysteries that plague Alcaland.


  • Tension Bonus System! - Your proximity to enemy units and gunfire determines your score and firepower!
  • 10 memorable characters! - Each character has their own specialized weapons and powers—anything from chain lightning to psychic blades!
  • 55 possible story combinations! - Experience a wide variety of scenarios with fully voiced dialogue!
  • 2 Player Co-op Mode! - Dodge a never-ending barrage of bullets alone or with a friend!
  • Exclusive console-only Dramatic Change Mode! - Switch between two characters in the middle of the fight to improve your chances for survival!

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