Carnival Games Own / Want List

Username Comments
SunnyDelight None
Ecto5 None
kumozero None
BradWest96 None
PokeyMokey9 fun. awsome
Cassandra None
Bluefire9270 None
Boo It's quite fun, need to get better at it. :D
harvestbmg So many fun carnival games to play!
Young link 64 Score 6.0
IronFistQueen This game rocks.
rocketRD None
Yunnie None
GAlaXiaMidniGht ehh...
dogman15 None
Kobra Boy 911 None
Hao Askura None
piplup393 None
ccspiffy None
angelbaby20 None
scooterpup None
TeddyBearFromOz None
sparrowbird666 None
VideoGameGuy 5.5
macdragon8 None
weda None
dobthealien None
girlbear None
bobthealien None
wfge7 None
xxSandslashxx None
agentfrost5 None
loptyu302 Kind of boring and hurts your arms.
deathreaper82 these games for losers
adam5366 A few mingames, th costumes are probably the best thing.
PokemonGirl8 None
shazmopm123 None
drluigi23 None
STurbo53 None
funkyone None
valantina10 None
Mother of 3 Also have Carnival Games Mini Golf.Both are fun for all ages. I love the Day at the Races game.
MysticalTemptress None
murat32 None
growlithgirl1 None
Riku64 None
NinPower None
Infinity None
Candypoof12 None
Plankton1652 None