Call of Duty 3 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.8/10

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Call of Duty 3 Reviews

website score publish date article quality
3DAvenue 4/5 Jan 01 '07
Cubed3 3/10 Feb 12 '07
EuroGamer 5/10 Dec 18 '06
G4 2/5 Jan 17 '07
Game Freaks 365 8/10 Nov 21 '06
Game Revolution C Dec 01 '06
GameBrink 75% Nov 19 '06
Gamerz-Edge 8/10 Dec 05 '06
Games Radar UK 7/10 Nov 22 '06
GameZone 8.3/10 Nov 15 '06
GotNext 3.5/5 Apr 16 '07
Kombo PSP 8.1/10 Nov 22 '06 7.6/10 Dec 11 '06
Pro-G 5/10 Dec 18 '06
The Wiire B- Jan 01 '07
Wii're Gamers 70% Jan 08 '07
Worthplaying 7.8/10 Dec 21 '06
Yahoo! Video Games 3/5 Dec 09 '06
Game Chronicles Magazine 7.6/10 Nov 28 '06
GameSpot 7.2/10 Nov 19 '06
Gamespy 3/5 Nov 25 '06
IGN Wii 7.7/10 Nov 14 '06
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Call of Duty 3 Previews

website publish date article rating
GameDaily Oct 13 '06
GameSpot Jul 11 '06
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Quoted from Call of Duty 3 Reviews:
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"Call of Duty 3 is one of the Wii's better launch games and the control system is unmatched at this stage. If you own a Nintendo Wii, even if you have a 360, you owe it to yourself to at least try the game and see what all the Wiimote fuss is about as, in our opinion, Call of Duty 3 uses the Wiimote the best so far."
"The control system isn't much fun, and feels unfinished and somewhat unloved - but it is certainly possible to get to grips with it and to eke some enjoyment out of the superbly designed levels of the game. Even while battling against the limitations of the Wii port of the game, the fact that this is, at heart, one of the finest WWII games around still comes shining through from time to time, and that lifts the game from the doldrums of negativity to the point of being merely disappointingly average."
"If you must play Call of Duty 3, do it on one of the other consoles. Both the 360 and PS3 versions aren’t the greatest first-person shooters ever made, but they’re decent enough to satiate your apparently endless need to keep fighting the same war over and over and over again. Don’t bother with this game on the Wii, though. The developers made a valiant effort at a unique control scheme that just doesn’t work."
"Call of Duty 3 for the Wii plays to the Wii's strengths from time to time but ultimately disappoints. From boat rowing, to hand to hand combat, to driving vehicles, all the Wiimote centric gameplay feels tacked on and ultimately worse than using a regular controller. Add on the fact that the graphics are much worse and you've got another reason to stick the best version which is the XBOX 360 version."
"The game truly manages to recreate the unrelenting urgency and chaos of the battlefield, supplemented by a fantastic live orchestra soundtrack and smartly-scripted screenplay. It’s too bad the game lacks some of its finest features (multiplayer, engrossing visual presentation), because otherwise the Wii version would easily trump the PS3 and Xbox 360 alternatives thanks solely to its helpful control scheme."