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Boogie Reviews

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Wii Nintendo Life 6/10 Sep 11 '07
Game Chronicles Magazine 5.5/10 Aug 27 '07
GameSpot 5.5/10 Aug 10 '07
Gamespy 3/5 Aug 10 '07
IGN Wii 4.5/10 Aug 14 '07
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"Boogie's gameplay mix of singing and dancing is an interesting idea, but it's poorly executed."
"Our time with Boogie can certainly be described as unique. It's not cut and dry like the latest Dance Dance Revolution game or the latest Karaoke Revolution game, but instead, what's offered up is a strange hybrid with a look and feel all its own. The biggest problem is the lack of difficulty and subsequent lack of replayability, but while it lasts Boogie offers a pleasant distraction from the usual crop of rhythm and action games on the market. It's a strange title but one that's not without merit."
"Boogie has style, but it unfortunately doesn't have substance. Too bad because this game had the potential to reinvent rhythm titles, but that potential has fallen well short of the mark. The presentation is spectacular for the most part and the core gameplay mechanics are functional. Younger players and casuals who don't know any better may even find something to like about how immediately "accessible" Boogie is, but we're not going to confuse a title that practically plays itself with accessibility. For all of its extra bells and whistles – and there are many – Boogie fails to deliver the necessary tangibility and sense of accomplishment that go hand-in-hand with playing videogames of any kind. When you're never quite sure if you've mastered the controls or if you just got lucky, well, that speaks volumes. We hope EA will take another stab at the franchise and rework the control scheme into something more enjoyable because the potential for a remarkable rhythm game is still there – it just hasn't been realized with this first endeavor."