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BIT.TRIP VOID is the third installment in the retro-arcade BIT.TRIP saga. BIT.TRIP VOID is a synesthetic exploration of rhythm and music as they pertain to our everyday lives and moods. In a control scheme brand new to the series, yet wholly familiar to gamers, the player is given complete freedom to move about the screen wherever they desire, interacting with the music in brand new ways. The classic gameplay aesthetic remains, as color—and the absence of color—are explored to the fullest. Trip out in 4-player co-op and get lost in the beat with a friend! See if you can survive the onslaught of Beats and further your own BIT.TRIP.


  • Get in the zone with music/rhythm-based gameplay and arcade action
  • Team up with your friends with up to four-player co-op multiplayer
  • Earn higher scores than ever before with the new Ultra Mode
  • Play with the Classic Controller or with the Nunchuk

Wii Points Cost

North America: 600 Points
Europe: 600 Points
Japan: 500 Points
Australia: 600 Points

Official URL

Official Site (NA)
Official Site (JP)
WiiWare Page (NA)
WiiWare Page (JP)
WiiWare Page (EU)
WiiWare Page (AU)

The entire BIT.TRIP series is already on its way to the 3DS in the BIT.TRIP SAGA compilation but Gaijin Games is... posted Jun 10, 11 12:32pm

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