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Average Review Score: 6.3/10

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Baroque Reviews

website score publish date
Gamespot 6.5/10 Apr 16 '08
RPGamer 3.5/5 Apr 15 '08
RPGFan 78% Apr 22 '08
Thunderbolt 5/10 Aug 26 '08
IGN Wii 5.4/10 Apr 28 '08
OCModShop 3/5 Apr 14 '08
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Baroque Previews

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Hooked Gamers Mar 29 '08
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Gamespot on Apr 17 '08

"A fiendishly difficult, randomly generated dungeon crawler that at times can be an incredible work of interactive fiction, and at other times, a muddled mess."

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OCModShop on Apr 16 '08

"After many hours of pure frustration, I finally put down Baroque. For the die hard anime fans, this game may be worth it. But then again, you could go pick up several other anime titles that would..."

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RPGFan on Apr 25 '08

"Despite fast leveling, item storage, and a generous save system, it can get tedious repeating the same floors over and over again. It won't seem as repetitive when playing in small doses, but the..."

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