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Barbie as The Island Princess follows the storyline of the popular DVD launch in a fun party-style format. You'll play as Rosella, the shipwrecked princess, who is raised by a "family" of animal friends and rescued by the adventurous Prince Antonio from her tropical island. Through a series of mini-games oined by music and characters from the movie, you will venture from Rosella's? island home to the Prince's coastal castle in a fun filled adventure!


  • Interact with seven of your favorite characters from the movie.
  • Experience five beautifully re-created locations from the movie.
  • 28 exciting mini-games featuring music, singing, dancing and more! Including!

    - Collect flowers by maneuvering a bamboo platform.

    - Design dresses and decorate them with jewels. Star-gaze with Prince Antonio from the deck of the royal ship.

    - Invite Roselaa and Tallulah's families to a garden tea party.

    - Impress the Royal Court with perfectly timed dance moves.

    - Swing on vines from tree to tree to collect fruit.

    - Learn to speak to the animals by tracing objects found on the island

    - Collect items from the sea in woven baskets, avoiding the fish and crabs.

    - Many more exciting games based on scenesfrom the movie!
  • 2 modes of gameplay: Single and Multiplayer in co-op and competitive play.
  • Easy "pick-up and play" gameplay designed for players of any skill level.
  • Stunning sets, costumes and music from the movie.
  • Unlockable content including special characters, dresses, additional movie footage and more!

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Nov 10, 12 3:00pm

A few months ago, Dynamite bet $100 on Mitt Romney winning the 2012 election and I matched it betting on Barack Obama.

Barack Obama won FOUR days ago and I still have not seen the money while my rent goes unpaid!

Is it fair for me to charge Dynamite an interest of $50 a day like the rent company is charging me? I think so.

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Oct 28, 11 7:16pm
This game belongs to my sis. BarbieAsTheIslandPrincess PC
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