Avatar: The Last Airbender Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.0/10

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Game Freaks 365 5.5/10 Jan 15 '07
GameZone 6.4/10 Dec 07 '06
Game Chronicles Magazine 6.5/10 Jul 24 '07
GameSpot 5.9/10 Dec 05 '06
IGN Wii 5.9/10 Dec 01 '09
IGN Wii 5.1/10 Nov 29 '06
Nintendo The Official Magazine 64% Dec 02 '09
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Avatar: The Last Airbender Previews

website publish date article rating
IGN Wii Oct 21 '09
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Quoted from Avatar: The Last Airbender Reviews:
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"If you are a fan of the television show or have a child interested in it, you may want to give this a rent. For whatever reason, THQ left out multi-player. With the four playable characters, you would think that they would want you to play with friends instead of stupid computer players. This omission hurts replay value, but the game is still decent fun while it lasts."
"Avatar: The Last Airbender had the potential to be an enjoyable game for both children and adults but most of that potential went untapped, and the extremely repetitive and tedious gameplay isn't likely to appeal to either audience."
"Avatar is a game that younger kids will want, but with the faulty execution of the special moves, could upset younger gamers."
"The Last Airbender flies to Wii as a direct port of the previous iterations with updated controls. For the most part, the control enhancements are beneficial to the experience. I especially like the challenges where you must use the Wii-mote to draw calligraphy. Meanwhile, I could honestly take or leave the amendments introduced to combat control – specifically, instead of tapping buttons to execute special bending moves, you now hold the B trigger and motion up, down, left or right with the pointer. Sure, it can be more immersive, but it's also a little clunkier than simply mashing a button."
"- The official game based on the film James Cameron's film, Avatar will take you..."