The world of Fulheim is sustained and has prospered through its use of a luminescent technology known as "leys," the source of all magical energies. However, the world totters on the brink of collapse as creatures from outside wreck havoc and inner turmoil threatens order and peace.

Amidst ever more frequently occurring riots, creatures called "Contaminant Dragons" pose the gravest of threats to the empire of Meridian. As the creatures increase their numbers the environment quivers with a strange phenomenon known as "crystallization." Reports from across the world credit the mysterious pollution to these monsters, yet killing them would only unleash another series of disasters, as their very bodies poison the air upon death.

When word reaches the empire of Meridian that a flight of dragons are en route to the capital, it is up to Bright, a soldier of the imperial army, and Alse, the second prince of Meridian, to repel the danger any way they can. During this period of global turmoil everyone fights to restore harmony. They have yet to find out that it comes with a very high price.


Arc Rise Fantasia is a turn-based RPG, where there is an AP meter that all party members draw from to perform actions in a single turn. Players can choose whether to attack multiple times or unleash a massive attack that hits harder.


  • A True RPG on Wii – The drought is over as fans of traditional Japanese RPGs finally get an exclusive title with an epic storyline on their system.
  • Collaboration between Top Talent – In addition to the creative talents of Marvelous Entertainment and Image Epoch, the character designer of Eureka Seven fame, Kenichi Yoshida, and the composer behind such classics as Chrono Trigger and Xenogears, Yasunori Mitsuda, are onboard as well.
  • The Trinity Action Battle System – A turn-based system, party members draw from the same Attack Power (AP) gauge for strategic energy allocation, allowing for a single character to string multiple attacks or for multiple characters to perform a combination attack.
  • Summon Creatures for More Than Brawn – Not only can the summon beasts wreck havoc in combat, but they provide access to invaluable knowledge to aid you in your quest.

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if anyone has a rom/iso for this pls link me, thanks ArcRiseFantasia Wii
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I somehow managed to beat this game severely underleveled. The final boss fight took me 3 hours! XD Never died though. So that's cool. ArcRiseFantasia Wii
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