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10 people, strangers to each other are invited to a lavish estate on a remote island. Through a recording their mysterious host accuses each of his guests of murder and proceeds to exact justice. The tension mounts as, one-by-one, the number of people are reduced through the ingenious plotting of the unseen killer. Prepare to play the 11th character in the video game based on the best-selling murder mystery of all time!


  • The first Wii video game ever created based on the masterpiece of the world's best known mystery author: Agatha Christie!
  • Breathtaking third-person graphics that truly immerse the player into this thrilling mystery.
  • A challenging murder mystery that will stretch the furthest limits of your imagination.
  • 20+ hours of engrossing gameplay and fascinating enigmas to resolve.
  • New twists-and-turns to the original story, plus a new character has been added - YOU!

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