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a boy and his blob first appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and won numerous awards shortly after its debut in 1989. Developed by WayForward, acclaimed developers of Contra 4 and Shantae, the rebirth of this classic title expands upon the original platform adventure. Featuring groundbreaking hand drawn and painted animation technology, the all-new presentation provides a polished, cinematic feel.


In a boy and his blob, an evil emperor has seized the throne of Blobolonia, and the fate of its inhabitants lies in the hands of the blob and a young boy he encounters when he crash lands on Earth. Playing the part of the boy, gamers must work together with their new blob friend to solve puzzles, defeat monsters, and escape danger on Earth and Blobolonia. By feeding the blob jelly beans, players can activate his special abilities to transform him into helpful tools – including a ladder, trampoline, parachute, cannon, shield and many more. Every different blob form aids the boy as he navigates 40 side-scrolling levels filled with hidden treasures and unlockable bonus content on the way to the Emperor's Citadel. Classic beans such as Licorice Ladder, Apple Jack, and Tangerine Trampoline, are joined by all-new jellybeans, including Bubble Gum Bubble and Caramel Cannon to provide a brand new play experience that only Wii can provide!


  • Originally created for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1989 by award-winning game designer David Crane (Pitfall!).
  • Experience the charming story through an all-new, hand drawn and painted animated presentation designed exclusively for Wii.
  • Teamwork is key. The boy has limited movement and range, so you must use your Blob friend to transform into useful objects to get to things or places the boy cannot access alone.
  • 15 new Jelly Beans including Caramel Cannon and Bubble Gum Bubble and classic beans like the Licorice Ladder, Apple Jack, and Tangerine Trampoline transform the Blob into different tools including: a ladder, trampoline, parachute, cannon, shield and more!
  • Travel through the Blobolonia Outskirts to the Emperor's Citadel in four breathtaking worlds featuring 40 levels filled with hidden treasures!
  • Battle the baddies and evil bosses that terrorize Blobolonia, including the Serpent, Quadruped Beast, and even the Blobolonian Emperor himself!
  • Celebrate a boy and his blob's 20th Anniversary with unlockable bonus content

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