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The Addams Family have been thrown out of their house by an evil lawyer. The family, minus Gomez, return back to try and make a deal with the lawyer. But by the time Gomez arrives the whole family is missing! Now it's up to Gomez to track them down and uncover the mystery behind what is going on.
xxashxx and 4 others own The Addams Family
Sep 26, 09 9:55am
they r the most strangest but hilarious family! TheAddamsFamily GBC
Celes Leonhart
Jun 17, 09 5:30pm
A Super Mario clone but this game was awesome. The atmosphere and level design and bosses, so awesome. TheAddamsFamily
Aug 02, 07 11:55pm
added 3 cheats
Celes Leonhart and 1 others played The Addams Family
Mar 12, 07 10:00am
added a cheat
Princess Carmipoo
Jun 29, 05 9:28am
Quite amusing, if you TheAddamsFamily
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