1986 introduced an idea to gamers that was new at the time: a female as the lead protagonist instead of being the "damsel in distress." That game was Metroid, a game set in a futuristic world where Samus Aran had to explore the planet of Zebes in order to hunt down and destroy Metroids, a parasitic floating life form that could attach to its victim and drain it of its energy.

These life forms, which had been discovered on SR388, had fallen into the hands of the Space Pirates, who were planning to use the Metroids in their army in an attempt to conquer the entire galaxy. Samus, having grown up on Zebes under the care of the Chozo after she was the lone survivor of a space pirate attack on colony K-42L. had already fought and defeated the Space Pirates on Zebes and defeated Mother Brain, a mechanical life form.

The Chozo have many mysterious powers, including the Power Suit which Samus uses in battle. Even more mysterious: the Space Pirates have returned and rebuilt their base of operations on Zebes and resuscitated Kraid, Mother Brain, and Ridley, who stole a Metroid hatchling that Samus brought to Ceres Station from SR388 (see Metroid 2: Return of Samus).

Can Samus find the Metroid hatchling and stop Mother Brain's plot a second time?

Game Play

Gameplay is similar to the two previous sequels in the series, with Samus exploring Zebes to find powerups to proceed while battling the Space Pirates and their leaders along the way. However, new abilities supplement previous powerups, including the Charge Beam, allowing Samus to fire a Charged Shot; the Speed Booster, which allows Samus to run at a very high rate of speed and unleash the powerful Shinespark; among others.

In addition to the return of Kraid and Ridley, new bosses Phantoon and Draygon join the fray in an attempt to stop Samus. Mini-bosses include Spore Spawn, Crocomire and Botwoon, among others. Only by defeating all the bosses can Samus enter Tourian, the home of the Metroids and Mother Brain.


  • A dazzling blend of superb graphics, pinpoint play control and gut-wrenching suspense with little in the way of cinematic scenes.
  • An incredible array of power-ups and special moves, including new power-ups and moves not seen before in the Metroid series!
  • Excellent replay value to this day, even 20+ years after its initial release on the SNES.
  • 7 subterranean levels to explore and over 20 weapons/power-ups to find and uncover
  • For 1 player

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Metroid. While I love the later entries in the series (mostly - let's pretend Hunters is something...


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The Metroid games may...

Metroid is a great franchise. SuperMetroid Wii
Of all the video games I've played, this is my #1 favorite of all time. SuperMetroid SNES
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