Praetorian_Lord's Super Mario World Review

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Solid Snake 4Life Sep 5, 13
Excellent review that really points out everything SMW did right. Maybe it's because Super Mario World was my Mario; the one that composes my earliest gaming memories, but I've always felt that it doesn't get the credit it deserves when compared to its predecessors which have not aged nearly as well.
(Although in your description of Yoshi you forgot 'inevitable footstool')
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Praetorian_Lord Sep 6, 13
Cheers for the read SS4L, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I feel exactly the same way - Super Mario World is one of the earliest games I can remember playing, and many of the views expressed in the review correspond with what I enjoyed most at the time. Perhaps the nostalgia goggles leave me a little biased, but even playing the remakes gives me much the same feelings and as you say, it doesn't look at all out of place in some newer gen consoles.

And I never treated Yoshi that badly I can't actually recall having ever used him for that double jump bonus because I was always too upset at the thought of letting him plummet to his death.
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Solid Snake 4Life Sep 9, 13
Absolutely, the SNES generation has probably aged the best visually out of them all. I'd much rather look at a 32 bit sprite then the ugly jagged edges that exist on most ps2 era games. And while SMW might not have brought anything new to the table, it did perfect pretty much every element included in it.
And back in the day dying meant passing off the controller to one of my sisters so I probably sacrificed Yoshi more than the average player aha.