Super Mario Kart Own / Want List

Username Comments
VinnyVideo None
Lesley Pro_04 None
Andy None
Gotenks None
finalfight None
lil nudistgirl Completed
Master of the VG None
Akira_EX None
super sonic ultra None
Pogo the Monkey None
Nuggy None
Dynamite None
DSduffaroo45 None
Shocker None
dragonclawz None
F1D0 Play the game that started it ALL! Play as one of (about) 10 characters and claim victory in a comical ending cutscene.
Chain Chomp None
LFC Boy None
Inuyasha64 need to beat it
Freeze None
HalfDemon Inuyasha None
RT1985 None
Bakura23 None
Seto Kaiba Not For Sale
Chaos Swordsman None
imabrat None
Bash Boy 54 None
WiLkO10 None
Agua None
Ghost117 None
Tornado Tonion None
Zeig Elfheart None
Tidus Strife None
somestrangeflea None
FlawlessApe None
Storm None
MattchuLB The one that started the great series. And has been far surpassed by it\\\\\\\\
Vergil Ties None
Minime Guy None
FaithRiddle None
MurderManMatUtsch None
KaibasAngel None
omegamustard None
icehawk None
kvnkrbr99 not very fun
Gamesta100 None
TheWho87 None
Antguy None
vampirefreak1507 None