Super Mario All Stars Own / Want List

Username Comments
VinnyVideo None
DutchBudokai_Fan Mainly Completed Super Mario Bros 3, I remember I got in the last level of the second one asswell, but I died.. :P and the first one I dont think I ever complet
MattchuLB None
Wolfwood None
Master of the VG None
Akira_EX None
cbjones None
super sonic ultra None
Pogo the Monkey None
Nuggy None
Dynamite None
mb 1 None
mojothemonkey None
Shocker None
F1D0 Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Brothers 2, and Super Mario Brothers 3 are the four classic NES games compiled into thi
LFC Boy None
Freeze None
HalfDemon Inuyasha None
RT1985 None
VeXx None
Sonic_2 The best side scrolling Mario games in one cartridge, heck yeah!
RancidMilk None
Bash Boy 54 None
the real slim None
BCD None
Agua None
Ghost117 None
Tornado Tonion None
Tidus Strife None
Whitt None
Asch None
somestrangeflea None
InvaderHera None
o0o Dark Bahamut o0o None
Jelly Soup Gotta love collections like these.
Kilik 64 None
Quickman1 None
gamegeek None
Storm None
AngelAyla None
Slashdragon None
Celes Leonhart Collection of the greatest games ever? Yes.
Cloudy Wolf None
Arietta None
SongstressgunnerYuna None
Jaw Knee 8/10
longview01 None
FaithRiddle None