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Pudgy hero Master Higgins returns in this 16-bit upgrade of the popular Adventure Island series for the NES. Continuing Hudson Soft's second most beloved franchise (next to Bomberman), Super Adventure Island has the same type of side-scrolling gameplay, but with richer, more cartoon-like graphics and a better, more varied soundtrack (there's a different tune for each of the game's 20 levels of play). Gone are the dinosaurs to ride from Adventure Island II, but the skateboard remains, there's still lots of fruit to collect in order to maintain energy, and the variety of challenges include
swimming through the belly of a whale, riding a mine cart, and fending off walruses, balloon-riding lizards and other enemies with axes, boomerangs and other weapons.

— Brett Alan Weiss, All Game Guide


  • Hop on your skateboard and shred your way to the final boss in this adventure island.
  • Battle Cloak's evil minions, that will try to stop you.
  • Play Secret Bonus Rounds for power and points.
  • Awesome graphics.
  • Inspiring soundtrack, to make you feel a part of the game.
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