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Product Wiki Description: A "sequel" to the SNES game Street Fighter II in 1991, the greatest combat game of the early-nineties comes back on to the SNES where twelve fighters try to become the world champion. In this game, you have the ability to speed up the pace, from one to ten stars, ten being highest, to have some real competitive action. Just one more reason that makes this one of the better all-around series on the SNES.
  • 12 Unique Characters to chose from, 4 more than last time.
  • Faster & Stronger Enemies,...
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Release Date (North America):Jun 24, 1993 submit new
Release Date (Europe):none submitted submit new
Release Date (Japan):Jul 11, 1993 submit new
Release Date (Australia):none submitted submit new
Perspective:Third Person,Flat side view submit new
Themes:Family submit new
Publisher:Capcom submit new
Developer:Capcom submit new
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Alternate Titles:Street Fighter II Dash: Hyper Fighting (Japan)
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