Spider-Man has gone a long way in ten years. He has battled villains in his own games, fighting criminals on screen with his two popular movies. This game is basically where it all started in the non-comic era. This 1994 Super Nintendo Entertainment System release offers vivid gameplay in determining whether to beat thirteen different criminals in Ravencroft and saving thousands of lives. You would think he would get tired, but after all, this is the Spider-Man game that really started it all.


  • Over 30 levels of spidery fun, based on a very intriguing story line.
  • Four different training modes to help you through the game.
  • Variety of items, moves and options
  • Authentic Spider Man items and characters, that will make you feel a part of the game, as if you were in the show.
nasty nappa played Spider-Man
nasty nappa and 2 others own Spider-Man
Aug 18, 10 9:32pm
Loved the wit and gameplay elements. Still great despite that lack in graphics. SpiderMan PSX
Aug 05, 10 10:58pm
Really good movie. SpiderMan PSX
Jul 23, 10 1:50pm
This was good when I was 5. SpiderMan PSX
Emaster MK
Aug 23, 09 11:24pm
Jul 12, 09 4:02pm
Fine. SpiderMan PSX
Feb 14, 09 6:30pm
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gerard way owns you
Jan 31, 09 9:05am
Probably the best Spider-Man game to date. Simple yet effective, and plenty of replay value. SpiderMan PSX
Dec 11, 08 5:31am
Also have #2 SpiderMan PSX
ben 4378
Oct 12, 08 11:41pm
good SpiderMan PSX
Jun 28, 08 7:32pm
bad SpiderMan PSX
The Don
Feb 20, 08 12:34am
The Don
Feb 20, 08 12:33am
Aug 13, 07 10:46pm
Sweetness. SpiderMan PSX
Aug 08, 07 7:52am
added a cheat
Feb 27, 07 5:11pm
Feb 27, 07 5:11pm
Oct 10, 05 11:47am
d( SpiderMan PSX
May 08, 05 4:09am
kinda good game SpiderMan PSX
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