You just can't get enough of the fantastic feeling that governing a unique city provides. Begin with empty land, start a town, name it after yourself, and build it into a city. See if you can sustain enough growth to build your city into a megalopolis! You can even build a city from scratch, and then see how long it takes to destroy it with a disaster. You can unleash fires, floods, tornadoes and even more dreadful disasters. Even a giant Koopa who has a nose for industrial pollution, now that is awful! Even if you don't want a disaster, they can sometimes happen. But, as Mayor, you have the tools to handle anything! Or you can take on the responsibility of saving a city burdened with problems by playing one of the eight built-in scenarios. Whether it's taxes, zoning, crime, transportation, fire control, pollution or other critical issues the duties as Mayor are yours. Time is passing and every decision you make has future consequences.

Your assistant, Dr. Wright, can help you make the right decisions if you ask. You also have full access to reports, charts and other goodies that will guide you through this process


  • Create and manage your own city
  • Face real-world problems
  • Try to rescue a city from the brink of falling apart
  • Every decision you make has an impact on your city
  • Save two cities with the battery-backed memory
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