Once upon a time, the power of Mana was used by people, which helped their civilization cultivate. However, as wicked forces took command of Mana Fortress, This forced a war that destroyed the Mana civilization nevertheless brought peace to people. The actions of the past became folklore to the people of today. However history repeats itself. A village lad discovered a rusty sword stuck in a rock at the bottom of a river and is unaware that the sword is the renowned Mana sword. Although unconscious of his actions the boy reluctantly called upon the ancient mana beasts. The people banished him from their village after awareness of his incident with the mana sword. With the help from a knight the boy must restore the mana sword by locating the 8 mana seeds, which will eventually convey the power back and uncover the mana fortress.


In Secret of Mana you begin with a single player, the main character, Randi. During your quest you Congregate with two other characters, the girl, Purim, and the elf Popoie. You have to control the three players throughout the game, You can switch players by pressing select. There is a stamina bar to show you the power of your strike, the more stamina you have on the bar the more powerful your strike becomes.


There are eight different weapons, all can be upgraded eight times with weapon orbs. There are also eight different element magic spells you learn on the quest.

Hardware Requirements

Multiplayer Adapter for 3 players.

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Developer and Publisher: Squaresoft

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Keane Ingram
Aug 21, 12 7:34am
Finished it! What a great game. SecretOfMana iPhone
Keane Ingram
Jul 03, 12 3:45am
I found the game a bit slow to begin with but now I'm addicted and really enjoying it! SecretOfMana iPhone
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Best graphics on the Snes and probably the second best game on the system SecretOfMana iPhone

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Challenging and fun. SecretOfMana iPhone
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Not Complete SecretOfMana iPhone
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The story line is very clear. Go to all the 8 temples and restore the mana power (hmmm...

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Easily one of the best RPG's for the SNES. It has a unique battle system where you can...

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This is by far one of my favorite RPG's to ever hit the face of the earth..I think...

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Golden sun02
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The graphics are impressive for a super nintendo game, They made the magic...

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