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In Secret of Evermore, you take on the role of a boy and his dog who come from a town called Podunk, and one day they stumble upon a strange machine which transports them into a fantasy world called "Evermore". The world of Evermore is split up into different eras, populated with many different people, as well as enemies. You'll have to conquer the world of Evermore in order to return to the real world


  • From Squaresoft, the maker of the FINAL FANTASY series
  • Master hundreds of weapons and magic
  • Travel through all kinds of different environments
  • Awesome graphics help pull you into the world of Evermore
Sep 24, 13 7:47am

Developer: Square USA
Publisher: Squaresoft

With the growing popularity of JRPGs in the west during...

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Good game SecretOfEvermore SNES
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8.3/10 SecretOfEvermore SNES
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Beautiful game, respected and known by few... SecretOfEvermore SNES
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it rocks,
I was more addicted to it than final fantasy and 10 together (nah...

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All the essential things are there e.g. the "ring" menu system and the n.p.c....

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