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Hit the track and get your racing fix with POWER RANGERS ZEO: Battle Racers. Choose your vehicle from a stable that includes jet cycles, hover craft, dune buggies, and quadrafighters, and get ready to rock! You'll have to do whatever it takes to win the race, whether it's simply outrunning your opponents or blasting them into oblivion. There's no room for sportsmanship on these tracks. There are 16 courses to choose from, each offering individual challenges that will push your driving skills to the limit. Take on a friend in split-screen racing, or if you're good enough you can go up against King Mondo's 3-Wheel Chopper. Throw the rules out the window, select your ride, and get ready for the race (and fight) of your life with POWER RANGER ZEO: Battle Racers.


  • Features: 16 challenging courses
  • Wide variety of vehicles to choose from
  • Split-screen racing against a friend
  • No holds barred, intense racing action
  • Realistic graphics that maximize the SNES' capabilities
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