: : : : : Michael Jordan in Chaos in the Windy City


The time is near for an All-Star Charity Game so Michael decides to go to the gym for some training. When he arrives, he finds out that his buddies stuff is there but not his buddies.

Suddenly a basketball flies in from nowhere, on it there is a note. The note says something about a kidnap and that Michael should visit a guy in the Egypt-room in the cities Museum.

Michael heads over, alone, to the museum. A guard there lets him in.

When Michael finally is in the Egypt-room, he finds a secret passage leading to an underground prison. Michael thinks that his buddies must be there, so he enters the prison...
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Celes Leonhart
Jun 17, 09 5:29pm
Lmao, loved playing this. Elemental basketballs ftw. MichaelJordanInChaosInTheWindyCity SNES
Aug 05, 07 8:36pm
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