Dr. Wily's plans to take over the world have ended in failure. Mega Man has cut his life of crime short. Determined not to rot away while in prison, Wily creates a diversion using four huge robots to rampage the city. With Mega Man occupied, Wily escapes. Now, it's up to Mega Man to recapture Wily, but he won't be easily caught. Mega Man will have to run, jump, and blast his way through challenging levels, destroying Wily's most devilish creations. Charge Mega Man's blaster or use one of his enemies' abilities to survive and capture Dr. Wily in Mega Man VII


  • Multiple levels
  • Running and jumping action
  • Absorb the abilities of enemies
  • Charge blasters for more power
  • For one player only
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The Blue Bomber first made the jump from NES to SNES in time for this, the 7th...


Difficulty: Hard

This is the best Mega Man game in the original series. Even better...

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