In Mario Paint, you will join Mario and friends in a fun, hands on art experience unlike any other! You will have the many fun different modes of gameplay open to you instantly upon starting the game, such as just being able to draw freehand or to compose your own music! Mario Paint offers many fun features that is bound to entertain any gamer.


  • Mouse controller allows precision in your artwork.
  • Many different modes of gameplay available.
  • A refreshing mix of education and video games.

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I spent too much of my childhood in this game. Can entertain a 6 year old for hours. MarioPaint SNES
it's a good game, it has loads of funny things in it. MarioPaint SNES

Mario Paint is a pretty good game and comes with a mouse you can play with to play but...


Although billed as a game, this title really is anything but. The idea behind it is...


It was a bad game, that's all I can really say. If your into painting stuff, I guess...

Maybe it would be better if F1D0 had the proper accessories. :( MarioPaint SNES
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