Madden NFL 97 reloads with an arsenal of new and classic features to field the most complete Madden to date. This is NFL Football...Madden-Style.


Gameplay follows regular NFL Rules, including 10 Real NFL Penalties. Another new feature includes player fatigue, which affects how players perform. Select a play and execute said play, be it on offense, defense, or special teams, including but not limited to 4th Down punting/field goal attempts, extra point attempts, kickoffs, etc.


Motion Captured player Graphics

Iso-Cam - control any player at any time

Redesigned plays on offense and defense--over 500 from Madden's Playbook

Advanced Personnel Management--various player sets exist within each formation

Adjustable skill levels, including Rookie, Pro, and All-Madden

Updated NFL Teams and Rosters

A Full NFL Experience, including:
Full NFL Season, Playoffs, and the Super Bowl

Pat Summerall and John Madden in the booth

The Scouting Combine--create players at any position

Player Trades

Stats for both players and teams tracked all season

Secret Teams

Combine and League records
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