In Lemmings, the goal is to guide each lemming safely to the exit, without getting them killed, as there are many obstacles that will get in their way. Assign different jobs to each lemming so that they can work together to reach their destination throughout many mind-boggling levels.


The game is viewed from a side-on perspective. You need to move your cursor over the ability you want to give your Lemmings, select it and then move the cursor over the Lemming you want to have that ability and click on them. Some materials such as metal can't be dug or bashed through and some have arrows pointing in a certain direction meaning you can only bash through it in one way, often the opposite way to the way you want to go.


  • 4 difficulty levels with 30 levels each
  • 8 different abilities to give your Lemmings
  • Multiple ways to do some of the levels, some of the levels are repeated with different amounts of certain abilities
  • Thinking fun for one player
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