The classic 80's arcade game Frogger is now on home consoles. The object is to try and get across the road without being turned into roadkill by the traffic. Now the game has been brought into modern day with new levels in different locations. The game has also been updated with new moves for Frogger, he can now use his tongue to collect power ups among other things. These new abilities will be needed if you hope to beat the game.


  • Play the Arcade version at home.
  • Blast through all the levels with the easiness of your SNES controller.
  • Put your dexterity and quickness of your hands to the test.
  • Dodge all of the baddies, and make your way across those legs to the very end of the level!
Angelluv01 owns Frogger
Jun 24, 09 9:18am
Very very hard game for it's time, and I don't even remember how many times I must have played that game over and over again. Frogger PSX
Mar 29, 09 10:18am
just as boring as ever Frogger PSX
Sep 13, 07 5:49am
Well, I used to own this. v_v Frogger PSX
Jun 23, 04 6:43am
fun Frogger PSX
Jun 14, 04 6:34pm
He's Back! With the retro and many new levels, this fun game is too often underestimated. Frogger PSX
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