Mike Haggar, the mayor of Metro City, is no stranger when it comes to brawling with his history of being a professional wrestler. So when the streets get taken over by a ruthless gang, he heads down there himself to sort things out. But before he could get anywhere, his daughter was kidnapped by the gang. Now her boyfriend is going down with you to aid in this fight to clean up the streets and rescue your daughter.


  • Five levels of side scrolling action
  • Two playable characters each with their own unique fighting style
  • Various weapons scattered throughout the levels
  • Action for one or two players
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Ahh, don't you remember playing Final Fight in the arcades back in the day? You don't?...

Like us you may have fond childhood memories of punching your way through Metro City in Capcom's Final Fight, all... posted Dec 01, 09 12:16am

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