Based on the hit TV show of the same name, and called Family Fortunes in the UK, this game pits two families against each other in an attempt to guess the most popular answers to survey questions. The more popular the answer you guess correctly, the more points you get. If you win the earlier round then you'll advance through to the final round where the drama and tension can reach new heights. Not to be missed if you enjoyed the TV show.


When you buzz to give an answer you will have to spell out the name of the answer you want to give. If you get it right you can guess again, if you don't then you will lose a life. 3 wrong answers and control swaps over to the opposing team.


  • Based on the hit television series
  • First team of five players to 300 points wins the game
  • Guess the most popular answers to survey questions
  • Quiz action for one or two players
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