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Doraemon is based on the manga "Doraemon", that tells the story of a Japanese boy named Nobita, who always gets bullied by stronger kids in school. In the future, his grandson uses a time machine and sends the cat-like robot Doraemon to protect Nobita. In this adventure, Nobita, Doraemon, and their friends travel to the Toys Land. Some evil toys are threatening this country, and it's up to our heroes to help its inhabitants.


The game is divided into adventure and platform action modes. In adventure mode, Doraemon walks around towns, talking to people and entering houses. Key locations lead to platform levels, which must be completed to advance the story. Platform levels include plenty of obstacles (pits, spikes, self-destructing platforms, etc.) as well as various enemies who try to stop the heroes. You can choose one of the six available characters to play through the platform level. They all can jump and defeat enemies either by jumping on their heads or by using long-ranged weapons.
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