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Embark on a quest through a world unlike any other - one that is ruled and populated by animals. Alternate between the strong but slow Donkey Kong and the smaller, quicker Diddy Kong as you battle hordes of Kremlings, servants to the vile and treacherous King K. Rool, a cruel tyrant that has clamed lordship over the lands with cruel intent, in search of your lost banana hoard. You'll need all your platforming skills as you swing on vines, rocket out of Barrel Cannons, navigate treacherous mine cart obstacle courses, ride animal pals like Rambi the Rhino, and fight massive bosses. You will also recieve assistance from the various Kongs, Donkey and Diddy's relatives, who populate the world, running shops and services to aid you in your gameplay in ways from saving your gameplay, and giving your transportation across the land to offering helpful advice across the many stages and levels in the game.


Play as Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong as you go through numerous levels, each filled with enemies and items. Each level has its own environment that affects your movements, such as water levels and frozen levels. Some also contain secret areas where you can obtain extra lives and activate bonuses. Some have areas where you can find special animals to ride upon - a Rhino, Ostrich, Frog or Swordfish. Each animal has their own strengths and weaknesses in certain areas of the game. Weapons include the use of barrels. By tossing them at enemies, they may explode and defeat them.


  • Brings classic platform gameplay back to life with a challenging adventure.

  • Over 30 levels, including tons of secrets and hidden bonus areas.

  • All new DK attack mode lets players race through individual levels to earn the highest scores in the best times.

  • Find the hidden cameras to unlock a scrapbook filled with various DK related pictures.

  • For 1-2 players
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Donkey Kong Country 1. This was a great game for me. It has challenges, fun boss...

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Best DK game ever!! 10 out of 5 stars! DonkeyKongCountry SNES

First of all, I must say once again that, for SNES, the graphics are really good. ...

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