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The first of the two "interactive fighters" for SNES based on the famous manga series Dragon Ball. "Totsugeki Hen" tells the story of the hero, Son Gokuu, following the first volume of the manga. The boy Son Gokuu meets a mysterious girl named Bulma, and she sends him on a mission to obtain the magical Dragon Balls. Naturally, Bulma is not the only one needing those Balls, so the young hero will soon have to face and defeat some bad guys, including his first true rival, Piccolo.


The game puts you in control of Son Gokuu only during battles or when there is a possibility to make a choice and to influence the storyline. There is no other gameplay in the game except fighting and picking answers from menu. The fights are one-on-one: you pause them by pressing the start button, and then program Son-Gokuu, making him execute various moves: dash, kick, special attack, etc. Every attack can be countered by an enemy attack, and you have to follow the enemy's move pattern in order to attack and defend successfully.
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