Cybernator is a graphically detailed platform shooter that enlists the player as a member of the 95th brigade of the mechanized marines. The mech suit is equipped with shields, a propulsion pack (for flying), a punching mechanism, and an antigravity suction that provides traction on all surfaces. In addition, it has a three-way eliminator cannon outfitted with upgradeable (via power-ups) vulcan shells, laser beams and homing missiles. Each of the seven levels of play has different objectives (such as shutting down an ore processing plant and destroying a weapons facility), but the action largely consists of killing enemies (including other mechs and giant bosses) and blowing up stuff.
— Brett Alan Weiss, All Game Guide


You can fire in all directions and jet pack yourself to safety, when needed. Use your shield to deflect bullets. You can also slide your way through explosions.


Vast array of weapons can be employed.

Weapons gain levels when you pick up power chips.

Huge sprites and detailed boss designs.
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