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Mr. Big didn't get his name from planning small-time operations; he wants to take over the world. In order to carry out this plan, his thugs were ordered to kidnap every child on the planet! Why? To use them as slaves, of course! Only one person is brave enough to challenge him: Michael Jackson, a.k.a. Moonwalker. Play as the famous pop singer through 15 levels of musical action set across five stages.

While your goal is to rescue each level's hidden children before time runs out, you'll have to face a variety of enemies trying to thwart your progress, from mobsters in Club 30, Dobermans on the Street, zombies and ghouls in the Woods, and spiders in the Caverns, to the heavily armed troops in the aptly named Enemy Hideout.

Michael Jackson is known for his slick moves, so you'll be able to spin, Moonwalk, hat toss (similar to a boomerang), punch, jump, and perform the "ultimate" technique to dispose of your enemies: the Dance Attack. Once used, this attack will cause everyone on the screen to stop what they're doing and start moving to the beat!

Each method of attack will drain Michael's magic meter, however, so you'll have to keep it at full strength by rescuing children. As you might expect, the game features several of the singer's chart-topping songs, including "Smooth Criminal," "Beat It," "Billie Jean," "Another Part of Me," and "Bad." Watch for a cameo by Bubbles the chimp!

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