These are dark times for the kingdom of Baljinya. An evil band of foul creatures has murdered the king and his family. Soon, they will resurrect the corrupt and inhuman spirit of their long-dead leader, the Demon Lord Ra Goan. If they succeed, with the throne of Baljinya empty, Ra Goan will take the crown and the land will suffer in misery forever.

The Elders of Baljinya know that only a strong and brave man can hold the country against Ra Goan and his evil followers. Therefore, they have decreed that a man who can pass three daring tests will be King. The tests are:

1. He must find the Tree of Marill, Symbol of the royal family.
2. He must subdue the Goblin of Balala Valley.
3. He must destroy the Statue of Evil.

You are Landau, the mighty warrior from the north. Armed with your trusty sword and bow, you go forth to stamp out the evil scourge that plagues your homeland. The road is long, and the dangers many, but if you succeed, fame and the royal crown of Baljinya will be yours! Go now, and seek the wise Wizard of Amon!

--From the Master System Lord of The Sword instruction manual.
Monterey Jack
Feb 02, 10 11:48am

Castlevania 2? In MY MASTER SYSTEM!?
Yes, folks, if you've played through the...

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