Playing as one of three characters, battle your way through hordes of enemies. Each character has lost a close relative to Death Adder and it's up to you to take revenge and rid the world of this evil menace. Fighting past dragons, skeletons and big suits of armour you eventually have a confrontation with Death Adder himself. By using a combination of your weapon and magic only you can stop Death Adder from killing more innocent people.


From a side on perspective you travel from left to right in a side-scrolling adventure. Each character can do various standing attacks with their sword or axe as well as running and jumping attacks. The other method of attacking on their own is by using their special magic attack which deals massive damage. You can also ride various animals which can do powerful attacks.


  • Based on the arcade hit
  • Three playable characters
  • Use a combination of weapons and magic to defeat your enemies
  • Recruit animal friends from the enemy to help your cause
  • One or two player action
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