You are on a quest to stop the evil Kazyr, Necros and Ulgar for trying to destroy Popful Mail's world. They once nearly destroyed the world and soon the Black Seal could be broken to allow them to try again. You can play as Mail, the tomboy, bounty hunter, wannabe whose weapon of choice is a knife; as Tatt, the super-polite, novice, magician with a deadly staff; or as Gaw, a flying blue blob with fire-breath. You're searching out the maniacal Muttonhead who'll give you answers into what you need to do to save the world. In the middle of the game, you can even switch characters, which comes in handy since your enemies like Nuts Cracker and the minions of evil will learn your ways and use them against you.


  • One player
  • 2 ½ hours of spoken dialog and 20 minutes of animation
  • Three characters to choose from and interchange
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9.1 / 10