Set sail on an epic RPG adventure designed for both the role-playing pro and beginner. Armed with a mighty sword, and an easy-to-use "Point-and-Click" interface, it is your mission to recover the god's stolen weapons in the CD conversion of the legendary PC title. As godsend Heimdall, you are thrust into a mythical Viking world where - along with a motley crew of warlords, wizards, thieves and rangers - you must prove your Vikinghood by wrestling wild boars . . . rescuing feisty barmaids . . . casting magic spells . . . fighting and bartering with a sinister cast of characters . . . and ultimately retrieving the gods' powerful weapons.


  • Choose from over 30 different characters with varying RPG attributes
  • Explore the mysterious realms of the Norseland as you solve puzzles guaranteed to keep you challenged for hours on end
  • Top-down scrolling isometric viewpoint
  • Fluid animation and stunning graphics created by a team of world class animators
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4.0 / 10